About us and our mission

Our mission is to empower a new generation of Chefs.

We know how hard it is to find space in the market and be recognized.

That’s why we want to support anyone working with food with new ways to connect, learn and grow.

And we are doing that through a spirit of community and technology.

The idea started when our founder, Murilo Fagundes, found his life purpose in the kitchen and decided to support other Chefs



 Five years ago I came from Brazil and got my first job in Australia as a dishwasher.

And since day one, the kitchen life had my heart.

The culture, the passion, the hard-work, the language, the creativity, the colours, the details, the flavours…

I was hooked.

And I remember always being happy in the kitchen, even when scrubbing every corner of the floor at the end of a 14 hours shift. 

After cooking around Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Tasmania for the past 4 years, I finally understood what it is all about.

It is about belonging, about being somewhere and feeling like you are part of it.  

We understand the challenges faced by people working in kitchens.

We know they are serving amazing food, and deserve more space.

So we teamed up with world-class software engineers and built a tool that creates space.

 So I found my purpose on a mission to support people cooking in Australia. 

I believe it’s a good thing because we are in the same shoes and I understand what the challenges are.

When I first came to the other side of the world, I felt displaced.

But I found my way in the kitchen. I found myself behind the stove, through passion for food and connection with other people.

And that made me happy. 

That’s why we created Chez.

Because we would love to help other people to find their space, and be happy.