Welcome to CHEZ. The first food APP with portion control features and no pre-orders.

CHEZ is open for Food Business, individual Chefs, Home Cooks, Bakers and Artisan Producers looking for raising income.

10 reasons why you should start using CHEZ right now:

  1. Only 9% service fee VS 30% other apps.
  2. No pre-orders. Do it first and sell it later.
  3. Controlled portions. Limited dishes are appealing to customers.
  4. Less food wastage and more control over preparation = better food cost.
  5. Better food cost leads to competitive prices and higher sales.
  6. Online and offline in one button: perfect for home based Chefs.
  7. Limited portions means more control over time and less cost.
  8. Delivery optional: use your own rider/courier and make extra income.
  9. Set your own delivery price per KM.
  10. Get your stock sold out!

No pre-orders: get your food ready and go online whenever you want.

Weekly and monthly prizes
for the top 10 on Ranking.

Try new things
and have real customer feedback.

Sell ready to eat dishes
or artisanal pantries.

How to Start?

Fill out our application form

We will get back to you as soon as possible and support your way into CHEZ.

  • 1. Upload a good quality face picture.
  • 2. Upload a good quality picture of your kitchen.
  • 3. Upload your CV.
  • 4. Write something nice about yourself, your culinary skills and experience (professional or amateur).
  • 4. Name three products you would sell at CHEZ.
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