Cut food waste, raise your profit
and get new customers.

We are passionate about saving food and helping you achieve maximum productivity by selling your extra food, effortlessly.

The costs of overproduction are often ignored,
and could be pulling down your profit margin.

To solve this problem, Chez markets your surplus food
seamlessly, connecting your business with thousands of people.

Let us sell your surplus, grow your income
and see your customer base skyrocket.

It’s quick to set up and takes less than 60 seconds of daily maintenance.

Wipe out your waste and transform it into a secured source of profit

Make your location reminded with guaranteed flow of new customers

Get your name on a spotlight for thousands of people with free targeted marketing

Become a sustainable brand
and reduce your carbon footprint

Does your business help people change the world for the better?

• 81% of customers prefer to purchase from businesses that help them improve the environment.

• 73% would change their consumption habits
to reduce their environmental impact.

• 62% are willing to pay more
for environmentally friendly or sustainable products.

(Study revealed by Nielsen - Global leader in customer data analytics)

Discover how sustainability and sharp technology
can keep your business growing.


Upload food information seamlessly

Or let us do it for you.

It takes less than a minute to upload your food information.

The interface is lean and easy, yet informative for your customers.

Give accurate information about your product
dietaries and make your surplus food a no-brainer to purchase.


Start selling in one single tap

The amount of food going to spare will change everyday.

With a single tap, decide when it's the best time
to sell your surplus and easily adapt to different daily realities,
making the most out of your stock.


Get instant visibility

Whenever you activate Chez, your surplus food becomes available
to thousands of people.

Nearby users will also be notified about it.

Get your timing right and turn unsold into sold out.


Keep track of new customers

The system will save your Customers name, food and time information.

Key elements to deliver a personal touch and invite for a next time.


1. Register your Business online.

2. Download the exclusive Chez for Business APP.

3. Easily upload your food information one single time.

4. Adjust availability and portion numbers daily in seconds.

5. Automatically complete sales and payments.

Thats it! More time to focus on other things.

Just hand out the food and say Hello to your new customer!


Chez is free of contracts, subscriptions or any form of commitment.

Use the APP only if you have food going to spare.

No obligations, no strings attached.

Don't use it if you don't need it

Use Chez only when you have unsold food.

It won’t cost you a cent to have the app or register your business.

Automatic transactions

The payments are automatic, contactless and securely done through the APP.

Our transaction system is operated and secured by Stripe.

Choose your pay-day

Keep track of your revenue through the APP.

You can withdraw funds from the platform to your bank account, whenever it is convenient for you – otherwise we will make the payments on a monthly basis.

Support 365 days

Count on our support for anything at any time.

If required, we provide personal assistance direct to your store.

We are here to answer your questions and identify the best strategy to save food based on your business model.


You keep 75% of the total sales.

25% per transaction is our flat fee and Chez will never require any form of monthly subscription or contract.

Is it possible to eliminate waste, increase profit margin, engage in new customers and besides all that, still protect the planet?

Don't take our word for that - see it for yourself.

We are currently improving our software, based on our customers feedbacks.

New features are being added and tested to make our app faster and more efficient for you.

As soon as the improvements are done – in June – we will provide a case study to our early adopters, presenting numbers for extra profit, food saved and new customers acquired.

To guarantee your place in the wait list, please fill out the expression of interest – we will do all the work to get you set and provide further information about starting dates.