Connected by the culture

“If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it."

- Johan Huizinga


Chefs from different nations have on Chez a powerful tool to share original flavours. Together we can support our local communities, raising cultural value, telling stories and creating a rich cultural background connected by food.


Big operations rarely know how much will be sold as the demand always change.
As result, one third of the food produced in the world is lost or wasted.
With individual Chefs and Artisan food producers running a small operation, it’s easier to control, and we will support our partners to get their food sold out.

Our goal is to work close to zero waste, encouraging people to eat and cook seasonally, grow and use nutritious bites that are otherwise wasted.

Every one should look after our planet. That involves doing your own part, giving good examples and spreading the word.

The average food industry makes use of too much plastic (bags, rubbish bags, plastic wrap, take-away containers – an infinity of not-necessary plastic and other materials.

We drive all the steps of production within our partners
to operate with earth-friendly material and renewable packaging.


We believe on talented people with an unique way of cooking,
just waiting for the right opportunity to share it.

Our vision is on educating people to engage on a journey that connects
delicious homemade flavours with sustainable food production.


Everyone has the right to know what’s in their food and who’s hands on it.
Our goal is to provide community engagement to chat and discuss about ways of production.


Restaurants and supermarkets include wages, bills, rent and other fixed costs
end up together in a pricey final product.
Cooking at home means accessible final product without sacrificing the quality.


Cooking professionally demands a lot of personal sacrifice and solid commitment.
In Australia, many Chefs are working excessive hours, are underpaid and suffer from sleep deprivation and exhaustion. It’s part of the culture and we respect the ones that want to go this way.

However, we can give a chance for the ones looking for change.

Working on a free schedule, there is time for family, friends and personal achievements.


Running it’s own kitchen gives the Chef an opportunity to build it’s own name.
A challenge that naturally leads to step up when it comes to impress current customers, receive good feedback and provide food that is worth the price.


We believe homemade is handled with more love and care than anywhere else.
We all know that a homemade jam is much tastier and healthier than a processed one.
That also goes for bread, pasta, casseroles, stews, pies, you name it.

Homemade food nourishes belly and mind. Body and soul.

Therefore, our mission is to bring food home.

Because home is where our favourite memories are made, and so are our favourite meals.



Murilo Fagundes – Chef & Chez Founder