Meet more customers,
sell more food.

Either if you are an artisanal food producer or a home-based Chef,
now you can organise everything you need in one easy app.

We are passionate about artisanal food and will help you achieve a unique lifestyle by selling food to your neighbours, effortlessly.

We believe that food made at small scale with love and care
deserves more space in our culture.

Chez is the app you need to get more people to buy your food.

Connect with your community, grow your income
and see your customer base skyrocket.

It’s quick to set up, there’s no pre-orders and you can choose your working time in one single tap.

Easy communication with customers and optional delivery for extra income

Connect with your local community and make your own name

Get your name on a spotlight for thousands of people with free targeted marketing

Create the lifestyle you want by choosing your working time and days

We give full support to get your kitchen licensed and officially approved to trade.

How does it work?

1. Register online in our website.

2. We help you get your license. (if you don't yet have one)

3. Download the exclusive Chez for Partners APP.

4. Add new creations, adjust availability and portion numbers daily (less than 60 seconds)

5. Automatically complete sales and payments.

Thats it! More time to focus on other things.

Just say Hello to your new customer and hand out the food.

Need flexibility?

Chez is free of contracts, subscriptions or any form of commitment.

Use the APP whenever if you want

No obligations, no strings attached.

Don't use it if you don't need it

It won’t cost you a cent to have the app or register as a food seller.

Automatic transactions

The payments are automatic, contactless and securely done through the APP.

Our transaction system is operated and secured by Stripe.

Choose your pay-day

Keep track of your revenue through the APP.

You can withdraw funds from the platform to your bank account, whenever it is convenient for you.

Support 365 days

Count on our support for anything at any time.

If required, we provide personal assistance direct to your home.

We are here to answer your questions and identify the best strategy to make the best out your business model.


You keep 91% of the total sales.

9% per transaction is our flat fee and Chez will never require any form of monthly subscription or contract.

Do what you love, be your own boss, engage with your local community and increase your income.