The easiest, fastest way to sell food online

Take your cooking business to the next level
& build a solid base of customers from your own kitchen

A real game changer for anyone working with food

All the resources you need in one easy app

All-in-one place

Create and edit menus, receive orders, collect automatic payments, organise deliveries & contact your customers

Life-work balance

Work whenever you want,
free of rosters, contracts
or any form of commitment

No stress

Don’t worry about last minute orders, easily choose your ordering times and delivery/pick-up dates

Free targeted marketing

Get orders from people living nearby
& enjoy easy, quick deliveries

Focus on the cooking

Don’t waste time explaining menus, organising orders, collecting manual payments & getting addresses

Experiment & grow

Learn new recipes, try new flavours & techniques while receiving feedback from real customers

Make new connections

Get to know your neighbours, meet new friends & make an impact in the local community

Flexible deliveries

Choose between delivery or pick-up only & avoid long distance travels by limiting your area of delivery

Be recognized

Have your own profile with ratings that will make new customers more confident to buy your food

Our people

Professional Chefs

Looking for flexible work, new experimentations & extra income

Home-based Cooks

Looking for new customers & easier, faster and more organized sales

Food Artisans

Looking for new markets
& independence of physical space

Caterers & Meal prep

Looking for new customers
& easier trade-offs

How does it work?

Apply online

Fill out the application form and wait for us to get in touch


Once you are approved, get access to the APP and set up your profile

Start selling

Create your adjustable menu, choose your working time & start getting orders

Give your customers a completely new ordering experience

Already running your food business?


9% comission

+ Stripe fees (1.75% + 0.30)
charged per transaction

No surprises

No lock-in contracts,
no hidden fees

Control your payment

Withdraw your cash anytime,
deposited in your account

Safe and quick payments

What our customers have to say

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