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Give yourself a break from expensive restaurant meals.


Now it’s easy to find delicious, original home-made meals in your area.


Discover unique flavours, all made with love and care by our passionate, independent Chefs and Food Artisans.


Our pre-approved Chefs are licensed, inspected by the local food authority and follow rigorous safety guidelines daily, to ensure you can enjoy amazing creations free of any risk.


Download now, support your local community and re-discover the lost magic of home-made food.

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A delicious cultural experience

Chez is the way to discover the hidden gems of our food culture.

Experience the original creations of talented Chefs from different countries.

Either a freshly made italian pasta, an authentic spanish paella, exotic south american dishes, spiced asian curries or sweet french patisseries…It’s a world of possibilities right on your neighbourhood.

Licensed and Inspected Chefs

Nationally Accredited Food Safety Supervisor Certificates.

Operations fully regulated by the NSW Food Authority.

Premises inspected regularly by the local council.

Real flavours. Real prices

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